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Hólos Living

whole, altogether, throughout, complete

It's not the result of strength and determination, it's the result of surrender.


Hi, I’m Dawn

Health & Fitness Coach

Dawn has always been passionate about sports and fitness. Her adolescent weight loss struggle and heart to serve is what motivated her to pursue a career in health and fitness. Her compassion for others and faith in Jesus as the cornerstone of her life, compelled her to share her freedom in health with others. 


Our Programs

About Hólos Living

Comprehensive & Complete Health

The living Hólos program begins and ends with love. This program is not like you have ever seen in the dieting and fitness industry. We at Holos Living do not focus on determining goals and accomplishing them through an act of our will, forgoing and ignoring our bodies true design to be uniquely strong, but we walk in blind faith and surrender. This blind faith and surrender is necessary in letting go of expectations established by ourselves and the world around us. 

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Hólos Living

Comprehensive, complete, and coach supported

health journey to wholeness.



Clinically proven plans designed by dietitians, scientists, and physicians.


Personal with Dawn

Individualized goal setting, personal support, fitness guidance, and instruction. 

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