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Meet Dawn

Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

In 2010, Dawn starting working as a Health Coach, Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer. In 2012, Dawn and her husband Dean opened a Fitness Studio in Sherwood, Oregon, where they built a strong community of health and family. Although Dawn had impacted hundreds of lives for the betterment of health, her heart to see others whole in all areas of their lives had yet to be realized. Her heart was to see everyone of her clients live in unity of body, soul and spirit. She began to realize that knowledge in health, support and guidance through personal coaching, obtainable goal setting, and even a results driven program wasn’t enough. 


In 2020, Dawn was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and through fighting her own battle of health, she realized that although the body may fail you, the spirit of the living God will not. God, the father became truly known by her. Jesus, the friend stuck closer than a brother, and the flawless counselor, the Holy Spirit strengthened her when her body wanted to quit. Although the whole, complete and altogether work of her healing in body is not yet complete, she has confidently pressed forward knowing that true freedom in health can only be accomplished through the power of Jesus and the transformational work of the Holy Spirit. Her health crisis may have altered her original idea of health, but she has never felt more whole, body, mind and spirit. 

Dawn and her family moved to Texas in 2022, where a new era in health has begun. She no longer casually mentions her faith in the marketplace of health, but is boldly declaring that health obtained from any other means than relationship with Jesus is destined to fail you. Her freedom is not for her and her alone! She wants to see as many daughters of God Living Hólos in health, as they desire to be free. 

Living Hólos

Our vision is to behold the daughters of God revealed in this generation, by leading them to the mountain top of the Most High, and as a result descending transfigured by the Light of Love. 


Matthew 17:2

“There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.” 

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